Technological Innovation

Understanding the complex interaction between electrical and mechanical components in an electrostatic precipitator is of extreme importance so that process models for optimised operation can be created. GEECOM constantly searches for innovative ideas that can be translated into practical solutions.

GEECOM systems for both electrical and mechanical applications are designed and manufactured locally, and compare well with the most advanced technology available. GEECOM staff are highly trained engineering specialists who work to the highest specifications. The use of computerised design tools ensures a professional approach to the presentation of all aspects of required documentation. This attention to detail reinforces our commitment to the implementation of projects on time, on budget and within the expected functionality.

Areas of expertise:
• General dust abatement systems
• Dry type electrostatic precipitators
• Wet type electrostatic precipitators
• High voltage control systems
• High voltage Switchmode (MF & HF) control systems
• Mechanical rapping systems