Professional Services

GEECOM has supplied, installed and provided services for control equipment and mechanical components for dry and wet electrostatic precipitators for more than three decades, across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia.

GEECOM works across industries, which includes the cement, pulp and paper, steel, chemical/petrochemical, metallurgical and power generation sectors, and in conjunction with both electrical projects as well as mechanical refurbishments and upgrades. As a successful supplier of electrical and mechanical systems for electrostatic precipitators, GEECOM is a proven, competent partner for any industrial application, providing cost-effective solutions and helping customers to achieve their goals.

GEECOM’s responsibility to its customers does not end with the supply and commissioning of equipment and systems. It’s after-sales service means following up and advising on optimisation processes, as well as providing quick and dependable assistance at all times.

GEECOM provides a complete range of tailored professional services, including:
• Evaluation of dust abatement needs
• Technical audits and studies
• Maintenance contracts
• Response to breakdowns
• Plant shutdown maintenance
• Inspections
• Call outs
• Repairs of electronic control units
• Supply of critical spare parts
• Service and repair of HV transformer rectifiers
• Specialised testing (gas flow, sampling etc)
• Training courses