Optimised Electrical Products

Extensive research and development as well as the careful selection of the right products to complement its services has earned GEECOM a reputation for reliability and efficiency. GEECOM provides a full range of products to complement customers’ needs for individual components, spare parts and turn-key solutions for electrostatic precipitators.

• GEECOMatic precipitator controller
• Remote interface for data display and control optimisation via RS 232 or RS 485
• GEECOMatic precipitator test card
• GEECOMatic calibration unit
• GEECOMsmf (Switchmode) Control Systems
• High frequency power supply and control system
• High voltage rectifier transformer: Multi-tappings
• High voltage kV divider
• High voltage damping resistor
• High voltage earthing switch
• High voltage and/or field change-over switch
• High voltage drive/support insulators

Quality in production
In-house manufacturing of key elements and products is implemented in two specially dedicated factories.
The highest level of quality is guaranteed by compliance with processes linked to our ISO 9001-2015 certification.